Pricing and Plans

The prices are indicative, printing cost is not included. 

Company's Logo


In creating a consistent identity, a company is ensuring that they will be recognized and remembered.

Catalogs | Menus Design


Professional, eye catching and easy to read.
* Starting price

Poster | Illustration


We create for you the perfect event poster design.

Social Media material


8-pack professional design material.

Business Card


Something representative, professional and up to date.

Business | Individuals event invitation


Fresh, unique invitations for any use.


Simple Gif 

Professional GIF suitable for social media platforms.
GIF is the abbreviation for "Graphic Interchange Format":
A GIF may contain more than one frame, so it can be animated.
Indicative price range : 60€.
For the creation of GIF-PACK there is different long-term pricing strategy.

Visualization Video

Using a ray tracing rendering technique, that can produce incredibly realistic lighting effects.

Ray tracing generates lifelike shadows and reflections, along with much-improved translucence and scattering, taking into account light phenomena such as reflection and refraction.

The light rays can reach the observer both directly and through the interactions with other surfaces. Indicative price range: 500€

An effective graphic design is achieved through a combination of critical elements like color. Color is an element of art created when a light spectrum strikes an object and reflects back to the eyes. Whether it’s a company logo, cards, or any other piece of art, color is as important as the information you intend to relay.

Graphic design is seen in many places: advertising, product packaging, website and app interfaces, documents, street signs or other forms, even social awareness messages.

Since design encompasses so many things in one’s everyday life, it is important that the designers create with social awareness and accessibility in mind in order to cater to the wide array of people living in the world, not just one type.

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